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Hoghead's Firebird and Trans Am Parts

Who we are:
Brian Morelock and Joe Bays (Ebay's transamparts and firebirdparts) are two Professional Engineers living in East Tennessee. Brian has a 1978 Gold Special Edition Trans Am. You can see that and several of our project cars in the Team Hoghead Garage.

We began parting out Trans Ams as a hobby in 1999, and this allows us to finance improvements to our own cars and other interesting projects. We've learned a lot from dismantling Trans Ams, and we intend to post some of this info (along with some humor) on this site.

For the humor part, be sure and check out the Killed Trans Am Archive, Hoghead's Excellent Adventures, and the Hoghead Fun Page

Team Hoghead
Here we are in Trans Am extraction mode. Can Hoghead action figures be far behind?

Looking at us, you'd probably never guess we have engineering degrees. We contributed some of our extreme engineering ideals to discoverengineering.org, an award-winning site launched during Engineer's week 1999 and designed to introduce middle-schoolers to engineering. If you look around there you'll find a picture of Brian's 68 Mustang.

When he was in engineering school, Brian built a Heim joint clutch linkage for a 4-speed Gold Edition as a design project. If you've got that car today, Brian wants to hear from you.

You can email us here