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Got Hurst?

Hurst Hatches are generally identified by this H/H emblem in the glass (hold up to the light and look through), and also on the back side of some plastic trim. The hatches have LOF laminated safety glass, which is date coded, and they close with two handles. Hurst Hatches were installed on thousands of new cars, so they're far more common than the other forms of aftermarket t-tops.

Hurst tops were designed to install in a hardtop car. The frames were clamped into a hole that was sawed in the roof.

The Hurst Hatches were originally used to make Hurst Oldsmobiles, so the first ones were designed for the G-body. (Cutlass, Grand Prix, etc.) These had silver aluminum frames and a brownish or gold tint.

In 1976, Pontiac used Hurst Hatches to make its 50th anniversary Pontiac Grand Prixs and Trans Ams. This was the beginning of the F-body T-tops. Hurst Hatches are commonly seen on 1976-78 Trans Am Special Editions.


Hurst Hatch Tech

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