Build Sheet Bingo Illustrations - Formulae

This 1976 Pontiac Formula Ad and two real Formulas are great illustrations for the following:
  • W66 Formula Model - Lower cost Firebird performance model. Usually the Trans Am's performance features were optional. Formulas feature dual hood scoops and they are VIN coded with the letter "U".
  • W50 Formula Appearance Package - This ad (right) was used to launch W50 in 1976. It features an accent color (black) on the lower body, grilles, hood scoops, and tail panel. The decal package featured multi-colored stripes and the large "FORMULA" on the door. Several color schemes were used, and in 1977 white and black W50's used gold accents with the gold grilles from the Trans Am Special Edition.
  • N67 Body Color Rally II wheels - In the late 70's, body-colored Rally II's were available on all Pontiacs of any color. The spokes were silver no matter what. The advertisement shows this option with yellow wheels.
  • N98 Rally II wheels - Pontiac's 5-spoke rally wheel was popular from 1967 until the 80's. The standard colors were charcoal with silver spokes, as shown in the "real thing" photos.
  • P06 Wheel Trim Rings - These Formulas are shown with stainless steel trim rings.

Perry Roos was nice enough to send me a picture of the "real thing" yellow W50 which he enjoys in the Netherlands.