Brian's Trans Am History:

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I have been a Trans Am enthusiast since 1975 when my older sister brought home a brand new one.  It was silver with the black and red hood bird and decals, had a black deluxe interior, and was powered by a 400 cid engine backed with an automatic... very similar to the one shown at right, but my sister's Trans Am had Ralley II wheels instead of the honeycomb wheels.

I couldn't get over how well the Trans Am handled and enjoyed the torque of the 400 engine.  It was always so cool to fire up the engine and watch the shaker scoop!!

My best friend in high school had a 1973 Formula 400 Firebird with a 4-speed.  It was equipped with black deluxe (or custom) interior, Formula steering wheel, full gauges, and AM-FM 8-track.  He wore out at least one Boston 8-track while we cruised this beast around town.  Riding in this Formula was better than an "E" ticket ride at Disney World!!  This Formula had an open rear axle so it would put down a dark black strip of rubber just a long you wanted it.  My sister's Trans Am would push you back in the seat under hard acceleration, but this Formula would SLAM you back in the seat.
Here's a really cool picture of my friend's 1973 Formula Firebird and his brother-in-law's Black Special Edition, "Bandit," Trans Am... which he allowed he'd never sell since it was built on 7/7/77... but he eventually sold it.

He actually bought his '73 Formula from his brother-in-law.  At one time his brother-in-law had the '73 Formula and a '76 Formula that were both the same color which were both sold before he bought the "Bandit" Trans Am.

This 1980 Trans Am was my very first Trans Am which I bought in 1981.

Martinique Blue exterior, dark blue interior, 301-4bbl engine, turbo 350 automatic, 7" snowflake wheels (non-WS6)

Traded in 1982

The 1980 Trans Am was traded in 1982 for this 1978 Y88 Gold Special Edition Trans Am.

Solar Gold exterior, Camel Tan cloth interior, W72 400 engine, 4-speed, WS6 suspension

Traded in 1986

1971 Firebird Espirt (Formula Clone) was purchased in 1982 as a project Firebird.

Buccaneer Red, white interior (originally, but changed to Carmine Red later), 1966 389 engine, turbo 400 automatic

Parted out in 1983

1975 455HO Trans Am purchased in 1987

Cameo White, blue deluxe vinyl interior, 455HO engine, 4-speed.

Sold in 1988

1978 Y88 Gold Special Edition Trans Am purchased from my old college roommate in 1995.

Solar Gold exterior, Camel Tan cloth interior, W72 400 engine, 4-speed, WS6 suspension


We bought this 1981 turbo Trans Am in 2001 to part it out... which we did.  The body shell on this Trans Am had NO rust holes in it (I know it is hard to believe looking at it) so I decided to save the hull for my project Trans Am to save the 1978 Gold Special Edition below.
I bought this 1978 Gold Special Edition Trans Am in 2001 to try and save it.  I'm going to use the body shell from the 1981 Trans Am above.