1966 Ford Truck Project

In November of 1991 I bought this 1966 Ford Stepside truck and drove it home.  The brakes were spongy and the suspension felt loose.  It had a 240 cu in 6 cylinder engine with a 3-speed manual transmission with column shift ("three in the tree").  It still had the original paint on it, even though it needs some paint and body work.

The cab needs new cab mounts, floor repair, and other rust repairs so the best thing to do was remove the cab. Here's the bed, fenders, doors, cab, and front clip.  The frame is now ready for refinishing.

The 240 cu in 6-cylinder was removed and sold.  A 351 Windsor is awaiting a rebuild to replace the 6 cylinder engine.  A C-6 automatic transmission is also awaiting rebuild to replace the 3-speed manual.  The frame has been sandblasted, epoxy primed, and painted with 4 coats of semi-gloss black acrylic enamel.  The twin I-beam front suspension has been completely rebuilt with new king pins, tie rod ends, bushings, etc, and was painted in pieces when the frame was painted.  The front drum brake spindles were replaced with front disc brake spindles.  A power steering box and front sway bar have also been purchased to be rebuilt and installed.