Team Hoghead's Lift Adventure

Brian finally decided to install a two-post lift...

Why do this.....                                        When you can do this!!

Brian did quite a bit of research on two-post lifts.  While there are some really cheap lifts out there, it's not worth a few hundred dollars to install something that could hurt you or kill you.  Brian learned that you really want to purchase an ALI certified lift (  Check the manufacturers list on the ALI website to to see who has certified lifts... there are many to choose from.


Brian purchased a new Bend Pak,, 10,000 lb two-post asymmetric, ClearFloor, extra wide, lift through Automotive Service Equipment:   They provided excellent technical support in answering questions as well as timely sales support in placing the order and getting it shipped.  The ClearFloor options does just that...the floor between the posts clear... all of the cables, hydraulics, electrical, etc runs overhead.  The extra wide option allows extra space between the posts for backing a car trailer in between the posts to load or unload a car body, junk cars, etc.  The asymmetric option allows you to open the door(s) of the vehicle without hitting the posts.

Here's Brian's new Bend Pak two-post lift sitting at the trucking terminal and in the garage after they loaded in Joe's trailer.  It was a fun day to pick it up!! It was packaged very well and there was absolutely nothing missing.  You can have a professional installer come and put the lift in for you, but what fun is that??  Joe and I unloaded the lift in pieces without any problem using the shop crane/engine hoist in the shop.

Joe and I were also able to "walk" each post up into position.  The posts have a large baseplate on the bottom that makes them very stable once they are stood up.  Here's a shot of the two posts stood up and awaiting installation into the concrete. 

Joe and Brian didn't think they'd need hammer drills... after all Brian's floor is "only" 4000 psi concrete that is reinforced with wire mesh and rebar...and "only" 6" three hours later, they figured the hammer drills would've been a good idea considering they drilled TWELVE 3/4" holes!!

Here's a Brian cranking down the 3/4" Wejit seismic anchors that come with the Bend Pak lift.

Now for the moment of truth...the installation of the top plate between the two posts...Joe allowed it would be all Brian's fault if it didn't fit...since Brian did all the ciphering...evidently all that education paid off and the plate fit!!  The top plate was HEAVY!!

Here's Brian installing the pulleys, routing the cables, etc.

Brian later finished up the installation of the hydraulics and the electrical components and it was time to put it to the test... the first victim was Brian's old Buick... he sure wasn't going to put the Trans Am on it for the initial lift!!

The first real car on the lift for any real work was Cameron's Mustang... it was finally time to do an oil change and tire rotation the easy way...