Another Chapter of Team Hoghead's adventures:

When you're in the used Firebird and Trans Am parts business, most Trans Ams go down pretty easy, some put up a fight, but this 1978 Trans Am went down



Team Hoghead is at it again... but this Trans Am decided to make it memorable...

The adventure today takes us out into our surrounding county to locate a 1978 Trans Am parts car.

Team Hoghead had received information that this 1978 Trans Am was for sale.  This Trans Am was originally Cameo White with Carmine Red interior, L78 400, automatic.  We named this Trans Am "Elise" and when we loaded it on the trailer, it rolled reasonably well backwards.  Once we got it back to the shop to unload it, rolling was no longer in this Trans Am's plan...kinda like "Elise" now realized what was going to happen... not a restoration, but cannibalization!!  Elise was too rusty to save, but she didn't know that.

When we tried to roll Elise off of the trailer, she wouldn't budge.  We enlisted the help of our neighbor to help push this Trans Am off the trailer...but nothin' doin'...evidently the emergency brake is stuck and the rear drums are locked tight.  So, after several failed attempts at unloading Elise the proper way, we resorted to the "Redneck Way."  We removed the ramps from the trailer, backed the trailer up next to a large tree, put a chain around the tree, and put the rest of the chain around the subframe of the Trans Am.  We then used the truck to pull the trailer out from under the Trans Am.  With that chore done, we then hooked the truck to the rear of the Trans Am so we could push it into the shop...but with a safety chain between the rear of the Trans Am and the front bumper of the truck just in case the emergency brake and rear drums decided to let go.  As you can tell from the pictures above, that did not happen...the rear tires remained locked during the whole trip into the shop.  I was so glad to have the Trans Am in the shop, I put the truck in reverse and backed out...forgetting that I was still chained to the Trans Am.  Yes, I bent the bumper on my truck...which I partially repaired by driving into the large tree to bend it back.

It was finally time to disassemble Elise.  Disassembly went well.  We removed what was good enough to sell and left the rest for the local metal recycler/crusher. 

The rear tail panel was good so we cut it off and sold it.  

One interesting find in Elise was TWO identical build sheets...we found the first one behind the rear seat when we pulled it...AND then were surprised to find the second one on top of the gas tank!!


We loaded the remains back on the trailer and took it to our local metal recycler.  Above you can see Elise being lifted off of the trailer...and being dropped in a interim resting place awaiting a trip into the shredder...


So there you have it Firebird fans... another successful adventure for Team Hoghead!!