Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge Show

June 4th, 2005, in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

The weather in Pigeon Forge was perfect for a car show, but the sun was actually too bright for taking good pictures. I did the best I could, trying to stay out of the glare from these shiny cars.

Click on any of these pictures for a 1280 x 960 version.
The first thing I saw, in the parking lot, was this very sharp 77 Grand Prix. Hey, man, the car show is across the street! I love Grand Prixs.This Judge looks pretty, but has a Big Block Chevrolet under the hood. Well, it really doesn't have much of a hood. Not my thing.
Very clean 79 T/A. This is the nicest T/A around the Tri-Cities area (where we live), as far as I have seen.This pair of X-body twins must have been ordered by same family, don't you think?
Look at the great color schemes on these two 1rst-gen Convertibles. Nice, huh?These two guys are discussing the routing of hard lines under the ram air setup (see it sitting on the ground?) That's part of the fun of car shows.
Here's an underhood closeup of the 75 pictured above. Very nice car.This sundance yellow 79 is a one-owner car. The sun's too bright!! Aaaah
This TATA and brown 4-speed 79 TA were both excellent.Check out the interior on the brown car! NOS hobnail? It was perfect.
This NASCAR Edition was actually outfitted with emergency lights for Pace Car dutyHere's something you don't see every day. A Lemans Sport GT 4-speed
Here's a nice 68 Firebird Convertible with the HO stripeInterior of the 68 showing Console-mounted Hurst Dualgate.
This 79 Bandit T/A was a 400 4-speed car.
Lots of GTOs in evidence, and big Pontiacs too.
My uncle had a Verdoro Green Convertible like this. For some reason, they had a Verdoro Green coupe to go with it.
I was happy to see that the 10,000 mile 1976 Formula was sold to somebody who appreciated it; Jason Thompson. The Thompsons had to replace the master cylinder and get the throttle shafts unstuck. They rotated the original tires (first time ever!) and they report the car runs and drives great. The paint on the car is just excellent, amazing for 30-year-old lacquer.The interior on this car was amazing - it's perfect. As perfect as I ever expect to see, anyway. This picture doesn't show it too well. It was ordered with the 400, rear spoiler, W50 appearance package, radio and 8-track, air conditioning, 8-grand tach, formula wheel, and rain gutters (they're mylar!) Check out those floor mats, if you can see them.
I am a big fan of 1rst-gen G-body styling. This Grand Prix was the only one, but there were several early Grand Prixs on hand.
This black 76 455 looks understated without the decals.
Beige paint and a vinyl top makes for an unusual color scheme on this Judge.
Here are a couple of 1963 Grand Prixs. These early b-body GP's were very sharp with their chiseled styling. The car on the left is a 421 4-speed car.This is the subject 421. This was an A/C car, and as you can see in the other pictures, very heavily optioned.
Note the 8-lug wheels and vinyl top. Grand Prixs are supposed to have a lot of nice stuff on them.Here's the interior of a 421 4-speed 1963 Grand Prix. The tach is on the left of the dash. That gage on the console is manifold vacuum. These cars had a great-looking console, in addition to the extra gages.
The 1963 Tempest Wagon was for sale ($4900), and a very solid old car. It's definitely something you don't see every day.It had the half-a-389 4-cylinder and 2-speed automatic. I couldn't figure out what the wadded-up newspaper was for.
Here's another item I like, and something you don't see much - it's a 1966 Tempest Sprint Convertbile. This was a real Sprint with the 4-barrel overhead cam six. Way cool.This 1958 Bonneville had tri-power and was loaded beyond belief. There were several fantastic 1950s models, but I ran out of picture space before I got them photographed.
Finally, we come to James Bryant's 1979 Redbird unrestored survivor. It's a 301 2-barrel car with red Hobnail interior. This is the only Redbird I've ever seen in any car show. How about that?The Redbird's build sheet was a must-have for my collection.
It was a great show! Here's hoping for another great one next year!