19th Annual Trans Am Nationals

Dayton, Ohio

August 22-24, 2003


Welcome to our 2003 Trans Am Nationals Page!!  We had another GREAT trip and time at the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio.  Whether you went or not, just sit back, click that mouse, and enjoy the pictures!!  I didn't get the actual number of  Firebirds, Formulas, and Trans Ams entered in the 2003 Trans Am Nationals, but lets just say it was a lot!!

Team Hoghead managed to make it to the Trans Am Nationals once again!! 

Why is my 1978 Gold Edition Trans Am covered up?  Well, it stayed in East Tennessee this time!!  No... there was no late night thrashes this year trying to get those last minute things done before making a big road trip to Dayton.

Joe and I began our big adventure on Saturday morning.  Joe started out driving to Dayton in a Buick rental car and I started out by driving to the airport!!  Both of us had to make business trips for the company that employs us and we both traveled over the weekend to make a stopover in Dayton for the Trans Am Nationals!!

I arrived in Dayton at 11:45 a.m.  I did rent a Pontiac Grand Prix during my stay in Dayton.

Here's the "Gold Edition" that I had while in Dayton....

I checked into the Travelodge and headed over to the show site.  I caught up with Joe during the Firebird History seminar inside the Dayton Airport Inn.  We had a GREAT time talking with Scott Scheel!!  We then drove out to Tipp City for the Trans Am Cruise-In!!  Check out our Tipp City Cruise-In page for all of the fun!!  

Check out this shot of what the Trans Am Nationals looked like while I was landing in Dayton!!  The parts and sale area really had the whole range of stuff this year... from the amazing to the heartbreaking...
This 4th gen had an amazing flame job!! How about these Banshee by Louisell replicas... amazing!!
Now that is amazing... I'd say that is truly a "Super Duty!" Here's a 1976 455 HO, 4-speed T/A ready for a new home.
Amazing... here's DKM#5 1977 Macho Trans Am... possibly the lowest production number Macho T/A in existence... Heartbreaking... time has not been kind to this rare T/A.
Heartbreaking... a 1969 Trans Am, 4-speed, and rusty...  You could almost hear the very rare steel hood rusting... To be so complete... and so rusty...  the only thing worse would be if it were a convertible... anybody got a tissue... I think I'm gonna cry...
Whew... it's time to look at the show cars and cheer up!!  This is one of the nicest 1967 Firebirds I've ever seen!! This 1968 Firebird is also very nice!!
Nice color on this 1969 Firebird. An extremely well restored 1969 Firebird Convertible!!
Ahh, the 1969 Trans Am... this helps me remember that the rusty one over in the swap meet area has potential... And yet another... one thing's for sure... you're NOT gonna mistake this beast for a Camaro!!
On to the second generation Trans Ams... you've got to start with the traditional white with blue stripe... ... and continue with Lucerne Blue and a white stripe!!
Lucerne Blue also looks great on a Formula!! Yes, I found another one... last year it was Brewster Green Trans Ams and Formulas... this year Lucerne Blue.
Buccaneer Red is such a great color too!! And of course... Brewster Green!!
How do you like your 1973 Brewster Green SD-455 Trans Am... with an automatic... ... or a 1-of-72 produced 4-speed!!  The restoration on this Super Duty was incredible!!
There was several great examples of 1974 SD-455 Trans Ams this year... here are a few of them... this beautiful SD-455 had red and white split-code interior... gorgeous!! I'm sure if you ever had an opportunity to stomp the accelerator pedal on this SD-455, you'd feel like you'd grabbed a tiger by the tail!!
Need to get from New York to California in a hurry... this 1974 SD-455 Trans Am once owned by Brock Yates has been there and done that... How about the 1974 SD-455 Trans Am painted to match the one used in the 1974 auto show... these colors would become the colors for future Special Edition Trans Ams...
Now here's something you just don't see everyday... even at the Trans Am Nationals... a 1974 SD-455 Formula!! Enough about Super Dutys... on to the 1975 Trans Am... it will be only a very brief stop in 1975...
Mark Rogers' beautiful 1976 455, 4-speed T/A.  What's better than one Carousel Red Trans Am... TWO of them!!  It too has a 455 and a 4-speed!!
1976 "50th Anniversary of Pontiac" Trans Am... the first Black Special Edition Trans Am!! One more very nice 1976 Trans Am... time to move on...
1977 Black Special Edition "Bandit" Trans Am... makes you want to be "East Bound and Down!!"  1978 Gold Special Edition Trans Am... I sure wish the paint on my Y88 looked this good...  Next to it is Terry Best's beautiful 1977 Trans Am.
1978 black Formula with gold stripes and red interior... just like Formula 409 in our Trans Am Parts Hopper section!!  Of course ours doesn't look any where near as nice!! A very nice 1978 Martinique Blue Trans Am.
An extremely nice unrestored, original, one-owner 1978 Mayan Red, W72 400, 4-speed, WS6 Trans Am!! Here's a rare W72 400, 4-speed, 1979 Formula
1979 Black Special Edition Trans Am owned by Trans Am Country (TAC) member Paul Kenney. A 1979 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am (TATA).
1979 Macho Trans Am. Pontiac's very nice collection of prototypes and very rare production Trans Ams!!
Now this prototype was just too cool!!  Too bad we won't see one of these in production.  The only thing better would've been some Pontiac power under the hood. I've not left out the third and fourth generation fans....
  1984 15th Anniversary Trans Am.
1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am turbo Indy Pace Car. Nice "unrestored" die cast Trans Am... reminds me of our Team Hoghead Edition #1 die cast I built for Joe!!
The Trans Am Mini-Nationals was a very neat event!!  These die cast collections were very impressive!!

Well that's about it for the 2003 Trans Am Nationals!!  Joe and I didn't have any adventures trying to get our Trans Ams back home this year.  We had a great time!!

Be sure to check out the 2003 Tipp City Cruise for more pictures!!