What better way to spend part of your Father's Day Weekend than at a Pontiac Show!! 

Team Hoghead was not able to attend in force, but my son Cameron and I took our 1978 Y88 Gold Edition Trans Am to Pigeon Forge on Saturday for the 2nd Annual Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge Show.

There were approximately 85 Pontiacs entered in the show on Saturday.  Jim Wangers attended the show to meet Pontiac enthusiasts, sign autographs, and make a nice presentation about the Pontiac GTO.

Enjoy the pictures!!


Well, here we are!!  The weather on Saturday was as good as it gets for a car show.  Now that the Trans Am has been registered, parked, and wiped off, let's go look at the other Pontiacs!! We'll start with the Firebirds and Trans Ams, but you can't help notice the very nice GTO also in the background........

Here's a nice 1968 HO Firebird

How about this 1969 Firebird Convertible??

This is what you call "seeing RED!!"

1970 Trans Am

1975 Trans Am.  The shaker has "455 HO" decals on it, but it has an automatic and all 857 455 HO T/A's built in 1975 had manual transmissions.

It's hard to see in this small picture, but this modified Trans Am had the wheel flares molded into the body, custom interior, air-brushed hood bird, and more.
Check out the RED interior on this restored 1977 Black Special Edition.  YES, it is correct and rare. Here's a very nice 1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am ...and it's a 4-speed too!!

Here's a 1999 Firehawk in black.

Here's a 1999 30th Anniversary Trans Am Convertible.  Let's go looking for the GTO's now........
You just gotta love those Hurst wheels, tri-power, & red line tires!  These were two nice GTO's!!
Here's a nice 1966 tri-power GTO. Here's a mix of new Trans Ams and old GTO's.....
Here come da JUDGE...1970 RA-IV, 4-speed, & all!! Yes, I do like 1970 GTO's and Judges...
No, this is not a GTO, but rather a GT-37... cool!! OK, now for a sampling of more Pontiacs at the show.